Becoming Skilful Webinar Course

Becoming skilful.

How do we learn to become skilful at moving, perceiving and making decisions?

Dive into a fascinating world of learning-to-learn and exploring how we become more effective and happy learners?

This course will support you to gain a good understanding of skill acquisition that you can apply to your own sports and hobbies. It is also a perfect complement to your National Governing Body coaching qualifications and should be accepted as coaching CPD.

Who are these courses for?
All of you who self-coach or would like to become more skilful.
Perfect for parents to support your children to become skilful, happy and confident movers.
Coaches, coach educators and coach developers.
Undergraduate sports students.

Course structure.
These are all 12-week courses comprising of one session every two weeks and a mix of webinars and tutorials, lots of additional activities and resources. There will be a mixture of times so you can find one that suits you each week.

Course prices include access to the course subject recourses.
Full courses (12 weeks, 2 hours of contact time per fortnight): £120.
Drop-in sessions (if you would like to just do one session on a particular subject): £25.

There are no course pre-requisites other than a passion for learning and/or coaching.

If you are a qualified coach you should be able to use these courses as part of your coach training and development. Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about accreditation or CPD.

If you are an undergraduate sports science student, these webinars will help to bring your skill acquisition and coaching modules to life. Our resources include cutting edge academic research.

‘What is going on when performers develop their skills through play and exploration? When what they have done in the past starts to break down and they find new solutions beginning to emerge? It looks ugly – but this is where learning happens. Playing and exploring with focus, effort and passion in the Ugly Zone!’ Marianne Davies