Courses & Events

Dynamics Coaching Courses

At the moment Marianne is working for UK Coaching as a full-time Senior Coach Developer. If you are looking for coach development support, please contact Marianne at

For consultancy, courses or events focussed on using a non-linear pedagogy and constraints-led approach in skill acquisition and development, please use our contact form. Only bespoke courses are being offered currently, so please get in touch if you are interested.

All of our courses are designed to develop your skill as a coach or coach developer within the contexts that you work. With over 25 years of extensive experience in both research and practice, we are able to develop effective and inspirational courses.

We also run a selection of National Governing Body courses and qualifications and these will be listed and advertised separately.

Dynamics Coaching Talks & Events

We provide a range of learning opportunities; from our big audience open talks, keynotes, academic conference presentations, and bespoke learning. If you are interested in accessing these, please get in touch via