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We had a fabulous event at Sheffield Hallum University. September 11th 2019.

Don’t worry if you missed this one. Click here to listen to Marianne presenting her PhD research: Reframing the horse-rider relationship: Can a nonlinear pedagogy nurture the magic of equestrian sports?

Skill Acquisition Research Symposium Transforming Lives: How applied scientific research on skill acquisition and talent development can enhance the quality of learning experiences in sport and physical education programmes. We’ll keep you posted about the next one.

British Canoeing Coaching and Leadership Conference Keynote

Eastwood Hall, Nottinghamshire, 23rd-24th November 2019.

Marianne is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s conference along with Professor Sophia Jowett and Steve MacDonald. Her keynote is titled ‘Re-weaving the Coaching Rainbow’.

To find out more about this fabulous event and book your tickets click here.