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Marianne Davies’ coaching experience includes more than 20 years of working in sports, academic and corporate environments. She is a coach educator, assessor and national trainer. Marianne spent eight years in the role of Coaching Manager for Canoe Wales and before that was responsible for participation development.

Marianne worked for many years as a full-time senior adventure sports coach during which time she was responsible for the design and delivery of a two-year practical-based module for a Sports Science & Outdoor Education degree course at Bangor University. As well as training and assessing other coaches.

In this conversation we discuss…

– How to use constraints in the sport of canoeing
– An ecological approach to equestrian sports
– How to facilitate learning that is in the ‘ugly zone’

This is a great conversation, I hope you enjoy.


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Dynamics Coaching is feeling delighted.
Excited to hear that there has been a magazine article exploring the Can't Jump, Won't Jump paper from my PhD.

It is in Swedish so I had to pop it into Google Translate.

Here is the link to the article and I can share the translation if anyone is interested.

Thank you Renate Larssen for sending me the article xx

Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
Just listened to this episode of Beyond Phrenology with Madhur Mangalam - Tony Chemero does not disappoint in navigating this very listenable conversation on a complex topic.
Dynamics Coaching
Step into the captivating realm of cognition with "BeyondPhrenology," the thought-provoking podcast with distinguished philosopher and psychologist Tony Chem...
Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
**Interested in the role of 'instructions' in skill acquisition?**

New podcast - 'Are instructions always good? Exploring the importance of how and why coaches guide 'Focus of Attention' with Dr Vicky Gottwald and Dr Robin Owen.'


In this episode we revisit the importance of considering where an athlete or learner is focusing their attention, how a coaches instructions can guide focus of attention, and why focus of attention is so important for skill acquisition, retention, and transfer.

My guests bring the topic to life with an overview of the research literature to date and lots of practical examples. We also discuss some of the challenges of research, application to practice, and why this area is so important for coaches to be aware of.

Findings in the 'focus of attention' literature for the benefits of an 'external focus' has been one of the most replicated phenomena in sports science. In practice however, most coaches give instructions that specify an internal focus of attention. But, is the internal/ external dichotomy that simple? More recent research is challenging the simple internal vs external focus dichotomy and looking at what perceptual information might be most important for the performer to be attuning to.

We also discuss the importance of researchers sharing with and learning from practitioners.

My guests on this episode are Dr Vicky Gottwald and Dr Robin Owen.

Vicky Gottwald
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Robin Owen
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Gottwald et al, 2023.

Every story has two sides: evaluating information processing and ecological dynamics perspectives of focus of attention in skill acquisition