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Marianne Davies’ coaching experience includes more than 20 years of working in sports, academic and corporate environments. She is a coach educator, assessor and national trainer. Marianne spent eight years in the role of Coaching Manager for Canoe Wales and before that was responsible for participation development.

Marianne worked for many years as a full-time senior adventure sports coach during which time she was responsible for the design and delivery of a two-year practical-based module for a Sports Science & Outdoor Education degree course at Bangor University. As well as training and assessing other coaches.

In this conversation we discuss…

– How to use constraints in the sport of canoeing
– An ecological approach to equestrian sports
– How to facilitate learning that is in the ‘ugly zone’

This is a great conversation, I hope you enjoy.


Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
Carl Woods is a Senior Researcher at Victoria University Melbourne and a scientist exploring learning, knowing, and skill at an ecological-anthropological intersection in sport.

In this conversation we explore what is is to learn, become skilful and to have expertise. Particularly the notion of being comfortable with embracing uncertainty, and through dwelling with uncertainty becoming open to the experiences of others (human and non-human).

It's a long and fascinating conversation that touches on many topics including the difference between cues and affordances, why it matters to ensure agency in those we coach and interact with, and what it is to interact though curiosity, care and hope.

This is a fascinating conversation that might need a few sessions to listen to, or a long drive 🙂

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Dynamics Coaching
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Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
The International Society of Equitation Sciences (ISES) conference starts on Tuesday next week with a focus on equestrian sports social licence to operate (SLO).
This podcast with Mia Palles-Clark and Stuart Armstrong covers some very important ground and many of the issues that matter if we are to adapt and have an ethical and sustainable equestrian future.
Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
I have just set up a 5am recording for the next River Tiger podcast!! It’s going to be sooo worth the early start. Dr Carl Woods has agreed to join me to explore affordances (& cues), ethology, and social anthropology as relating to being ‘with’ other species and embracing the uncertainty of not over controlling.