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Marianne Davies’ coaching experience includes more than 20 years of working in sports, academic and corporate environments. She is a coach educator, assessor and national trainer. Marianne spent eight years in the role of Coaching Manager for Canoe Wales and before that was responsible for participation development.

Marianne worked for many years as a full-time senior adventure sports coach during which time she was responsible for the design and delivery of a two-year practical-based module for a Sports Science & Outdoor Education degree course at Bangor University. As well as training and assessing other coaches.

In this conversation we discuss…

– How to use constraints in the sport of canoeing
– An ecological approach to equestrian sports
– How to facilitate learning that is in the ‘ugly zone’

This is a great conversation, I hope you enjoy.


Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
Are you a parent? A coach? Help out with activities? Interested in how we (humans & other animals) learn to move?

For anyone who missed Karen Adolph’s recent presentation ‘Motor Development: Embodied, Embedded, Enculturated, and Enabling.’

If you are interested in skill (acq) development, Karen’s work on Leaning IN development is brilliant.

Dynamics Coaching
Karen Adolph: Infant Motor Development
Motor development and psychological development are fundamentally related, but researchers typically consider them separately. In this review, we present fou...
Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
This is what you may not be able to see in the video clips of River Tiger.

A full mud-onesie! I even had to get the mud out of her eyelashes & under the saddle and bridle. Gave up on the rest. Mostly because it was still wet! 🙈🐴

#springtimemoulting #itchy-horses #mudonesie
Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
Dynamics Coaching
Wow 🤩
How amazing does this look!?
Thank you Don Paddler, Ace canoes & everyone who helped with the fundraiser. I am absolutely loving the Lina Patel logo detail 🥰
Can’t wait to get it out on the water.