Open and bespoke courses

‘Becoming Skilful’, ‘Effective Coaching’ and ‘Developing Confidence’.

Courses available for white-water (canoe & kayak), sea kayak, canoe polo, indoor and outdoor climbing, mountain biking, and equestrian sports.

Please get in touch if you are interested or would like to book a bespoke course.

Effective Coaching Part 1: Using games and the constraints-led approach to coaching

Most sport coaching programmes are recognising the value and importance of effective practice and motivationally supportive learning environments. This one day, practically based course, will introduce you to the basic principles of the constraints-led approach (CLA) for designing practice and using games effectively.

Effective Coaching Part 2: Maximising the effectiveness of your practice and coaching sessions

Using an ecological dynamics framework (the theory behind the constraints-led approach to coaching), you will acquire an insight into how to assess performance needs, design and evaluate effective practise sessions, at all levels of skill development. Be prepared to be inspired, challenged and fascinated; excited to get out and incorporate the principles into your coaching practice.

Becoming Skilful: White Water (Canoe & Kayak)

This exciting new course will really boost your skills and confidence. The focus of this course is on coaching the mind and performance coaching for skill acquisition. We will be combining effective practice, motivationally supportive learning environments and mental skills training. The first of these two-day, practically based, courses will be based on the River Wye at Symonds Yat, in stunning Ross-on-Wye.