River Tiger podcast with Dr Carl Woods

Embracing uncertainty and a response-ability to the experiences of others (human and non-human). A conversation with Dr Carl Woods

Carl Woods is a Senior Research Fellow within the Institute for Health and Sport at Victoria University. His research interests reside at the intersection of ecological psychology, social anthropology, and sport science, where he explores concepts of knowing, skill, learning, and education. He has an extensive background in both academia and the industry, having held various positions within multiple Australian Universities and the Australian Football League.

In this conversation we explore what is is to learn, become skilful and to have expertise. Particularly the notion of being comfortable with embracing uncertainty, and through dwelling with uncertainty becoming open to the experiences of others (human and non-human). This idea is particularly pertinent to those who are working and learning with non-human sentient species, such as horses and dogs.

It’s a long and fascinating conversation that touches on many topics including the difference between cues and affordances, why it matters to ensure agency in those we coach and interact with, and what it is to interact though curiosity, care and hope.

This is a fascinating conversation that might need a few sessions to listen to, or a long drive 🙂

Contacting Carl –
Carl is on Twitter – @CarlWoods25

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